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Austin, Texas-based Blues/Rock trio Midnights Bleeding Heart brings absolute organic rock ‘n’ roll mystique straight from the heart of Texas.
Midnights Bleeding Heart was formed in 2014 by Berklee College of Music international scholarship-awarded guitarist Tiho Prokopic. Born in Eastern Europe, Tiho was blessed with a family of artists and art lovers. Having been raised in a household with over 1000 vinyl, he deeply resonated with a fusion of the great guitar heroes of Contemporary music, European Gitano, British Invasion, and Acoustic Blues from the Mississippi Delta Fathers. Tiho’s dream of the USA was born, thus the band was formed that would connect the world with real and unprocessed musical frequency, emotion and love.

It was time for the last piece of magic. After several good drummers over the years, the band worked hard, but something was missing. The right drummer was not yet there on that “powerhouse throne” needed to push the air in the band’s wings. The search was over when the Texas-awarded young drum virtuoso John Smith set upon the spot meant for him. A multi-style master drummer with road experience, John has that rare ability to “play for the song” and be a powerhouse backbone of the band.
The trio is taking Texas by storm with their unique approach to compositional works of the greats, such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, and others. Midnights Bleeding Heart will be recording their original release in 2020.